Why Term Limits Are Important

You’ve seen the headlines; China took steps to allow President Xi Jinping to remain President for as long as he lives.

Russia went to the polls in what what was a formality to elect Vladimir Putin to his fourth term as the leader of Russia.

Kim Jong Un has been in power in North Korea since 2011, but the end of his ruling is nowhere in sight.

And in the United States, our leader is limited to a maximum of two terms where each term consists of four years.

So, why do I think our system here in the United States is important? Why do I think the governments in China, Russia, and North Korea are scary? Why are term limits important?

They're important for many reasons, but the one I want to focus on today is power.

Power. A word that means something different to all of the leaders and countries that I addressed above.

Some see power as a means of safety. If there is no one in power, they won’t be safe because there won’t be any order and regulation that is necessary to live on this planet.

Some see power as a means of change. If someone gets into a power position that has the same beliefs as him or her, change will happen that could make their life better.

And last, some see power as a form of pride. If you have succeeded enough in life to qualify for and get a position of power, you deserve to have some self-pride.

Pride, however, is the part that can make leaders dangerous. This is also why term limits are so important.

When a leader gets into power, they should have pride, they should hit the ground running to do everything they can to better the country they live in. This is how countries move forward and become successful.

The problem comes when that leader has more than their fair share of time to be in power, when their initial agenda has been completed and they have nothing else to do.

This is the time when a leader could start to push things for self-gain. This is the time where the leader could stop listening to the outside world. As history shows, this is when leaders try to block out the rest of the world and suppress their citizens to remain in power.

Leaders who are in power too long are also more than likely to start listening to outside organizations that have money who want people in charge to enact change for them. I get it, that’s human instinct and what anyone would do in that situation.

However, this is when corruption starts to creep in and decisions are made for only a select group of people.

A fresh mind and fresh agenda will keep this from happening.

Term limits are important for this reason exactly. No one can be in power long enough to get too comfortable.



Blake TarmannComment