Why I Write

My main focus, my main passion in life is Politics. I live and breathe for what comes out of Washington D.C. and obsess over it as much as I possibly can. 

Because of this, over the last couple of years, I have found that to get the most out of this obsession, I need to add my thoughts and ideas to the conversation. It helps me understand what is going on because I get to think about things from my perspective. 

The best and most positive outlet I have found to add these thoughts and ideas is in writing. And man has it been fun. 

Writing is important, especially in the field of politics. 

So often these days, the average citizen reads the headlines from the big news outlets and just stops there. This isn't enough, in my opinion, because it doesn't include the detail and opinions that I feel are necessary to truly understand the issue at hand. 

I think our President would agree...see his multiple Tweets in reference to "Fake News". 

Speaking of "Fake News", this is another reason why I think political writing is important. The big news outlets don't get to write with opinion. They have to report the facts, that's journalism. They don't get to defend themselves from a President who continually attacks them as being "Fake".

They rely on folks who add their thoughts and ideas on top of the article. 

This is where conversation happens and where legislative ideas are born. This is where discussion results in compromise and compromise leads to solutions. This is something we just don't have right now. I think that nothing ever gets done these days because there is not enough conversation. 

Polarization is real. 

We live in a Government that is (supposed to) be powered by the people. We elect representatives to listen to and read our thoughts and opinions and fight for them. Writing is important to make sure our representatives are constantly looking past the headlines to see what we actually are concerned about. 

It's also perfect documentation that can be used come voting time. 

Speaking of voting time, I wish more would tune into personalized writing on candidates and away from the hateful campaign ads and personal attacks that you might get from the mainstream news. This is where one can truly start to understand the candidate and what he or she believes in and wants to change. 

This is where someone can get all the facts before they try and base their opinions and desires off the headlines because I think we can all agree that that isn't the best way to solve the issues we face. 

Change is inevitable, no matter how hard some may fight. If we don't take a second to have a conversation with each other, we won't succeed. 


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