Was The Blue Ripple Enough?

Ripple - noun : A small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by an object dropping into it or a slight breeze.

A Blue Ripple. That’s what I am going to call the Midterm Elections of 2018.

I think that’s a pretty accurate representation of what happened last Tuesday. Dems. didn’t get the entire wave they were hoping for, but they got something, they got movement.

In case you live under a rock, or just completely missed it, The Dems. won back control of the House, but the Republicans kept control of the Senate.

So, I guess the election wasn’t completely lost, at least for the Dems. of this Country. They earned back at least a little checks and balances on President Trump that they desperately needed and wanted.

In accomplishing this, they elected candidates that haven’t typically had success in the past. They kind of identified themselves in a way they never have before, but more on that in a different column.

Was it enough though? Was it enough to swing the pendulum far enough left looking forward to the Presidential Election in 2020?

My answer to that question is time will tell. It really is too hard to predict right now who will run against the President. It is hard to predict what sort of legislation is going to pass, if any passes at all. It is hard to predict who will hold different legislative seats by that time.

There are so many questions that will play themselves out over the next two years.

I will tell you, however, what I think is going to happen between now and then. I think control of the House for Dems. means a gridlock in legislation. I don’t think anything will happen between now and 2020. I think politics are too polarized to let anything happen.

If President Trump wants any sort of legislative agenda he has or hasn’t come up with at this point to happen, he’s going to have to do it through Executive Order. And, we all know how well that has gone in his first term, so far…

That being said though, I sincerely hope I am wrong. I want to see change and movement happening. I want to see strong Bipartisan support for bills that can move this Country forward. For example, I want to see strong legislative work on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and an update to our outdated Immigration laws. Bipartisan conversation can get us a very long way in both issues.

I just wish for one second that the people we just elected as a Country could open their ears, listen to each other and find compromise. Compromise is way better in the long run than gridlock. Compromise is what we as American’s deserve, it’s what we as American’s need. Why does everyone have to be right these days? Why does everything have to be party line and segregated like it is?

I hope this is a time where both parties realize truly what is at stake by continuing to be gridlocked and stubborn on every single thing.

I hope. We can still do that these days, right?


Blake TarmannComment