US, UK, and France Launch Joint Missile Strike Against Syria

After a few days of deliberations, The United States, in conjunction with France and The United Kingdom, launched a military strike against the chemical weapon capabilities of Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria.

The strike, which included naval and aerial bombardment, targeted multiple sites throughout Syria. Russian officials were warned ahead of time about the strike, so it is believed that there are no casualties as a direct result. The effectiveness of the strike is still being reviewed, but US officials claim it to be a success. 

I am happy that these strikes were carried out. The use of chemical weapons has no place in modernity. As Trump pointed out during his address to the nation, chemical weapons have been banned internationally since the end of the First World War. It is a horrible misuse of power and influence for nations to just stand by idly while innocent civilians are slaughtered by their government. Armed conflict is always a contentious issue, but in this scenario I strongly support it...

And that brings me to another point: There are zero known casualties from these strikes. That is outstanding. 

War is almost never about killing individuals, but rather about bringing down a corrupt organization's means to power. By warning Russian officials ahead of time, the facilities targeted were able to be evacuated. The United States and its allies have used every diplomatic measure available to ensure the most peaceful resolution to a horrible conflict. By doing so, the United States and its allies have established themselves on the moral high grounds. They can confidently call out the governments of Russia and Iran for supporting Syria since they know that they have done everything in a just and rightful matter. 

Likely there will be no more future developments involving this strike, but it is still worth noting the massive divide that stands between the Russian-Iranian-Syrian alliance and the rest of the world. One thing I noticed though, which concerns me, is China openly objected to the strikes. If China jumps on board the pro-Assad train, then that can have dramatic effects on other issues in the world, especially with the upcoming summit between Donald Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. If China builds a true alliance with Russia and Iran, that will be a significant headache for the Western World and will drastically change how many things will develop in the near and distant future. 

Authors note:

One thing I've grown to love about the US military is that whenever a specific engagement catches the eyes of the media, they release as much information about it to the public as possible. Read everything you would like about this missile strike at the following links:

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