US Healthcare vs. EU Healthcare

Editors Note: Thoughts and ideas in this article are solely based off of conversations I had with Dylan. In no way do they 100% reflect the full picture of how the EU healthcare system works, but they are accurate. 

I spent the last weekend in Cancun on vacation with some of my buddies and on that vacation I made friends with a kid who calls the European Union (EU) his home.

Throughout the vacation this kid and I, named Dylan, got deep into conversation about the differences between the US and EU.

Please, don't ask me why. 

One of the biggest differences, and the one that I cared about the most had to do with Healthcare. 

I haven't talked about this subject in awhile...

I had him walk me through his family's Healthcare and let's just say, I was blown away at how behind we really are. Behind, in my opinion, of course. 

He informed me that his Dad had an operation a couple years ago that was completely paid in full. I knew this was going on, and for some reason I was still blown away.

We continued to talk and I asked him how a situation like this can be possible if folks are constantly needing procedures. No one is turned away for any reason. How are there enough doctors? How are there enough resources? 

I was informed that the wait for a procedure can be up to 8 months, if your procedure isn't life threatening. If this is the case, you go on a list of candidates and as procedure times open up, you are operated on based on the priority list. 

If it is life threatening, the list of folks with non-threatening operations is thrown to the side and you are operated on immediately. 

No one is hung out to dry, no one dies because they can't afford a procedure. Doctor's don't have to do anything different or change the procedure because their patient can't afford it. 

The wait is quite extensive, but we have to wait here in the US too.

Can you imagine? 

Even if we got somewhat close to this, we would be able to save so many more peoples lives. Isn't that what we all want?

The next difference in Healthcare is prescription drugs. These aren't free, like us. But, they aren't out of this world priced either. 

To this day, I can't believe what we as a society put up with when it comes to prescription drug prices. We force our doctors to write prescriptions for patients that aren't what they want them to be. They are forced to get creative. 

What if our government regulated this? What if our government provided stipends or some other form of compensation to make drug prices significantly lower so the medicine that saves lives is easy to get and accessible to everyone, at a reasonable price. 

I know a lot of this is ridiculous and probably not possible with the Big Money that is involved in this industry today, but I still feel it's important to point out. I still think we can make headway to better our system and give our citizens some relief and stop folks from unnecessarily dying to illness that is curable. 


Blake TarmannComment