US and Chinese Leaders Discuss Future of Partnership - Trump and Macron Do The Same

Leaders from United States and China discuss future of relationship ahead of Presidential Meeting

Defense and diplomatic leaders from the United States and China met on Friday ahead of a scheduled meeting between Presidents Trump and Xi.

In this meeting, headed by Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the US and China discussed topics ranging from the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula to Chinese activities in the South China Sea. Not discussed, however, was the US$400 Billion trade war between the two economic powers.

The goal of these meetings is to establish an understanding of cooperation between the standing world power and its first true challenger. As it stands today we can see the potential for a positive diplomatic relationship, most evidenced by their agreements on how to handle the Korean Peninsula. Much work must be done, though, as was shown by disagreements over Chinese activities in the South China Sea and on how to handle Iran’s nuclear situation.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Pompeo said that the US is, “not pursuing a Cold War strategy against China,” hoping to alleviate Chinese concerns about containment, and that the US wants to, “ensure that China acts responsibly and fairly,” as they advance on their economic and military activities throughout the world

Trump, Macron Seek to Ease Tensions Over Security

“The United States can only do so much.” President Trump states, ahead of a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss investment into Europe’s security.

Trump has consistently called for Europe to accept a bigger role in paying for their defense, which the United Stares largely subsidizes. Trump reassured Macron that the US would continue funding these various programs, such as the United Nations and NATO, as long as he sees an effort by European members. Macron agreed with Trump’s assessment, saying, “When President Trump has to protect or to defend one of the states of the United States, he doesn’t ask France or Germany, or another government of Europe to finance it.” Additionally, Macron has called for the creation of a, “true European Army,” which Trump called “disrespectful.”

Trump is in France to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the allied victory in World War One.

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