Trump's Russian Investigation Lawyer Out

To no ones surprise, another aide to President Trump has left his side. This time, it was a lawyer and close adviser. 

On Thursday, March 22nd, John Dowd resigned as President Trump's lead lawyer in the Russian Investigation.

Mr. Dowd advised the President to not sit down with investigators to discuss the issue. He viewed it too risky.

But, the President has signaled his intentions to ignore this, indicating his desire to try and clear his name of the charges.

Just a simple difference in opinions.

The departure will open the door for the President to take more of a vigorous approach to how he deals with the investigation moving forward. In true Trump fashion, he will proceed on his own terms.

I worry what this means for the President moving forward. I worry what this means for the Administration moving forward. President Trump doesn't have the best history of listening to advice. 

Will this become a trend?

I hope not. I think President Trump can be successful if he listens to the expert advisers that he has in his back pocket.

This is the big picture. No one will remember this event in history. But, they will remember the President ignoring justified advice from industry experts on the issues he will face.

The President has found himself in quite the sticky situation in the Russian Investigation that seems like it will play at least a part in the rest of his Presidency. It will surely be front and center when we start talking legacy.

What legacy will the Donald Trump want to leave?


Blake TarmannComment