Trump fans the flames of fear and hatred to turnout the Republican base

President Donald Trump is implementing nonsensical tactics to turn out the Republican voting base in the upcoming midterm elections.

The most important issue for voters, and slightly more important to Republicans, is immigration. Despite some of the major political issues of our day, rising health care costs and stagnating wages, immigration remains voter’s top concern. Democrats have come out in support of immigrants who have been framed as murders, rapists, and kidnappers and treated unfairly, arguably unconstitutionally at the border.

As a result of this political understanding, Trump is attempting to make headlines with recent executive decisions and pondering to rile up his base for the vote next week. Currently, over 900 miles away, less than 3500 migrants are making their way north to the border for salvation. They are heading north despite all that has been covered and reported of the Trump administration’s mistreatment of immigrants seeking asylum in the States. Trump’s response to ensure that the caravan doesn’t enter the United States is to send over 5000 troopers to the border, in addition to current border control. He has suggested that this number should grow to 10,000 or 15,000 if he has his way.

Not only is this an imprudent response, it is also a waste of tax payer’s dollars and the military’s resources. It is quite clearly a political stunt to move its base to vote in what should add up to be one of America’s most intense and high turn-out midterm elections. Immigration is a top issue because it invokes tremendously instinctive emotional responses. For the Democrats this is love and inclusiveness that makes American diverse and great. For Republicans it is fear and hatred for those who might benefit from the economies and riches of our nation who do not look like them.

The other tactic for attempting to drive turnout for the Republican base is to suggest that the President of the United States can ignore the constitution and amend the Bill of Rights by executive order. It was reported earlier this week that Trump suggested he could amend or remove the 14th amendment from the bill of rights by executive powers. The 14th amendment is the right that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the state they reside”. Trump and the Republicans are aware that their base loathes this amendment because of its natural ties to the issue of immigration.

I feel that I do not need to give our readers a civics lesson in why the President cannot amend the constitution without the help of Congress. Executive orders and memorandums are directives to the executive branch and the agencies it governs to operate in a way that is coincides with the policy written in the order. It usually involves putting emphasis on certain areas of the current law, deemphasizing others, or issuing powers that Congress has explicitly given to the President. These orders are also very limited in power and are often challenged in court if they are overreaching or arguably unconstitutional.

It is not difficult to understand what the Republican thought process is when using the power of the executive to influence election politics. What is difficult to understand is why or if the Republican base will fall for it? Is it not apparent that 5000 plus troops for a dwindling malnourished 3200 is a waste of military resources and might?

Donald Trump and Republicans do not think highly of their base’s intelligence to implement these policies or propose unconstitutional executive maneuvers. It is there feeble attempt to turn out their base in an election that favors Democrats. They are fanning the flames of fear and hatred in their base in an attempt to hold on to as much power in Congress.

Please see these tactics for what they are, asinine. And please vote on November 6th.

Joe Melisi Comment