President Trump Sends Troops to Southern Border

President Trump is at it again. This time, he's pitching an idea to ramp up our border security. And no, the solution is not made out of concrete.

That may come later down the road.

His plan? Order National Guard Troops to the border to work directly with the patrol there to tighten things up. 

Mr. Trump calls this a "Big Step". But my question is, what is this a step towards? To me, it seems like a step towards shutting ourselves out from the rest of the world. To me, it paints a picture that we as a Country will do everything we possibly can to keep immigrants out of our Country. To me, it's the wrong message.

Why are we sending our military to stand in the middle of nowhere in piercing heat to solve an "issue"? Why is this a priority? 

I use quotations because I don't feel like this is the most pressing issue we face as a Country right now. I think we have plenty of other issues we should be focused on.

I have a better idea. How about we use one of our most valuable resources somewhere else. How about we train them in a different way.

I think we all agree that our immigration system isn't the best. I think we all agree that our border security isn't perfect. Don't get me wrong, I know we have issues and I am all for our security, especially at the border. But, is deploying our troops really the best idea to solve both of these issues?

How about we work together to come up with bipartisan legislation that makes it more attractive for people to legally come into our Country? What if we gave people no reason to try and enter our Country illegally?

What if we had such a strong and effective immigration system that we didn't need this level of security? 

I think this would be a better use of our resources.

As a Nation of immigrants, we seem quick to do everything we possibly can to push immigrants away as much as we possibly can.

We're sending a dangerous message to the rest of the world, a message that I think does way more harm than good.



Blake TarmannComment