The Trump Effect - What Did I Really Mean?

There was a purpose for my absence. 

After my last piece, I wanted to let my words sink in and really understand what I was saying and what it actually meant. To be honest, I was pretty rough on our President. The emotions of a few of his decisions really got to me. 

I am not here to apologize, I am here to expand on my thoughts and open up the conversation of what the Trump Effect really means to me.

A week ago, my good friend texted me saying "The Trump Effect is alive in these primaries", and my immediate reaction, and response, was "I know, it's scary".

But, why? Why is it scary? Why was that my immediate response? That's our problem as a society today. We are so quick to jump to conclusions without thinking that we miss the whole point of what is coming out of our own mouths and keyboards. It makes us as Human Beings look weak and uneducated. 

So, I am here to explain myself and explain what my response and the Trump Effect means to me. Why is the Trump Effect "Scary"?

To be honest, I've been thinking about this question for awhile and my answer is simple. The Trump Effect is so "scary" because of each and every single one of us. We are weak, we as a society are losing what has made us so great. We don't want to believe it, we don't want to put blame on ourselves, so we decide to put it on the one who is in charge, the one who is supposed to lead us. He's the one that is causing all of our issues, right?

I'm not saying we have lost all hope, I am saying we haven't adapted to the changing times like we need to. We haven't worked as a society like we need to. We haven't come together as one, we've slowly but surely grown apart. 

And our President is doing everything he can to make sure that we continue to separate.

This is the Trump Effect.

President Trump is not perfect, none of us are. He has never made decisions I support and I was serious when I said I am done with him. That's just a fact. But, for the sake of this column, I want to look beyond that. The Presidency is something we can only control every 4 years. We can choose to control ourselves every single day we wake up. 

We can choose to look beyond the Trump Effect.

Why do we constantly choose hate? Why do we constantly try to push people away? Why do we choose self gain, instead of helping those in need? 

These are the reasons my answer is what it is. It's an internal issue that our President isn't making any better. 

We can't have conversations these days because we don't think, we don't process thoughts and ideas. We sit behind our keyboards and smartphones as stubborn as ever doing everything we can to make sure we are "right".

And to make matters worse, when we want to have a conversation, we have to watch every single word we say because anything can be used against us in the court of law. Sound familiar? Anything we say is offensive. It's just sad.

The separation and weakness we have as a society and our President and leader not doing anything to help is exactly why The Trump effect is so "scary" to me. 

This will play a crucial role in the upcoming midterm elections and I will cover that in a more detailed column later on. 


Blake TarmannComment