The Purpose - What Do We Still Need To Do? Healthcare

This is part 1 of a 3 part series.

I want to expand beyond the typical current events to write about an issue that I think still needs a little attention.

That issue is poverty and the underprivileged.

I think, as a Nation, we can do better at helping those in need. This starts with our legislation, or lack thereof. 

Too many times, laws are created in this Country to benefit those who don't necessarily need it. While this type of legislation does do good, I think there is room for improvement. 

So, what can we do? How can we improve? 

In this series of writing, I will focus on three main issues, Healthcare, Education and Mental Health.

Today, I will focus on Healthcare.

While I think Universal Healthcare would be a fantastic idea for our Country and save a lot of lives, I am also realistic. There is too much money locked up in healthcare these days to make this happen.

However, we can still take a step back on this issue and realize what is at stake.

People are dying because they can't afford healthcare. Prices of prescription drugs that people need to stay alive are through the roof. People who can't afford healthcare are being treated in hospitals, only to have medical bills that they just can't afford.

This is one issue I wish we could just get right. This is one issue I think we should be following other countries lead on.

For one second, I wish we could, as a Country, think about others more than ourselves.

We are all guilty of this. This is something that we should not get wrong. 

We can start by making things more reasonably priced. Why is everything so expensive? New drugs are being created every single day that can save peoples lives. But, they are so high priced, that doctors are forced to prescribe medication that might not be as effective because that's all their patient can afford. 

To make matters worse, some can't even afford the cheaper medication. Why should they have to suffer and be in pain? I think we can do better.

A simple visit to the doctor for a checkup can set someone back hundreds of dollars. What if these visits were cheaper, allowing doctors to detect different problems with their patients before they get too sick.

We have all of these resources as a Country that we don't want to give to our citizens who need them the most because we all want to make a buck. I think that's really really sad.

We can have our differences of opinion on different topics in life, but if we aren't alive to share them because we can't afford treatment, what good are they?

All in all, however, I am still realistic. When Obamacare was first released, the average Americans were seeing healthcare premiums sky rocket. This is proof that it is not the solution. Work still needs to be done.

While nothing will ever be perfect, I think we can do better.

In the next writing of this series, I will cover Education. You won't want to miss it!



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