The Purpose - What Do We Still Need To Do? Education

This is part 2 of a 3 part series.

The second issue I want to focus on is Education.

Education is the backbone of our great Country. We should be proud of our education systems that we have. But, like healthcare, we can definitely do better. 

Everyone in this Country deserves a chance to pursue an education that makes them the best possible candidate they can be when applying for employment. 

That education starts at a young age. Kids these days are starting to learn in a formal setting as young as 5 years old. 

I am here today to say we are failing them. School districts all across the USA are going unfunded or are seeing less funding then they may have had in the past. Because of this, students are missing out on experiences. These are the experiences they need to have and learn about to be successful in the rest of their lives.

I worry that this will cause the poverty problem we face as a Country to continue to get worse. I worry that this will put more people into the underprivileged category. When our kids aren't trained and prepared for the real world, they will struggle and could find themselves in a place where no one should be. 

The under funding of our schools also leads to another issue that I think needs to be more prevalent in Washington DC. Teachers.

The fantastic folks in this world who are responsible for teaching our youth unfortunately fall victim to the under funding that our school districts get. When teachers don't have the funding they need, they aren't able to teach to their full potential. They aren't able to do the activities that our children need to experience. They aren't paid how they should be. I could go on and on.

To make matters worse, I worry we are losing some talented people who don't become teachers because they are worried about how much they are paid. I think they also worry how effective they will be without the proper support.

We should be taking care of our teachers. They play such a crucial role in our future as a Country as they are responsible for molding our youth and young adults into what they need to be. 

I think proper education in the early years of our children's lives is the number one way we can reduce poverty and pull people out of the underprivileged category. It really is too bad that we are starting to forget this.

Let's finish today by shifting from teachers to professors and school districts to Universities.

By a show of hands, how many of you reading this are still paying for your student loans from college?

My hand is raised. This is one of the most pressing issues we face as a Country today.

Higher education is becoming so expensive, that some are going into poverty at such a young age because they can't pay back their student debt.

This is dangerous. The whole point of going to college is to prepare yourself to make a difference in this world. But, how can you make a difference when you're constantly burdened by debt?

I am not asking for Bernie Sanders' free college, but I do believe that it should be way more affordable.

Why is everything so expensive?


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