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Saudi Arabia Turns to the Sun with Japan

Fans of renewable energy have something to cheer about today. The Government of Saudi Arabia and Japan's SoftBank Group announced a partnership that will, if successful, be the world's largest solar power generation project.

Each party has an initial investment of US $1 Billion, and Saudi Arabia has already set aside an additional US $45 Billion to ensure this project comes to fruition.

This project will produce enough energy by 2030 to power the entire nation with solar energy. If Saudi Arabia, famous for its oil wealth, can ween itself off of oil in exchange for renewable energies, it stands not only to gain a huge positive boost to its image, but to emerge as the energy leader throughout the region. I surely expect smaller nations such as Qatar and Kuwait to attempt to get in on the solar action. Perhaps even Israel would like a slice of that solar pie...

Another thing to watch out for is what this does to the price of oil. If Saudi Arabia no longer has to rely on oil in twelve years and instead becomes a solar energy exporter, the ramifications could be massive. 

I will be following this project closely and I'm sure you'll read about it again here.

Myanmar on Brink of Collapse

Myanmar, the embattled Southeast Asian Nation, is facing a crisis which could endanger its own democracy. 

Myanmar, which has previously been under strict military rule after a coup in 1962, is again facing the reality that it may be unable to maintain its democratically elected government.

And the biggest threat is age. 

Nearly 70% of the country's political body is over the age of 65. Recently, the President retired before the end of his term and his civilian counter part, 72 year old Aung San Suu Kyi, was unable to attend a public appearance regarding his retirement due to ill-health. The proposed replacement for the President is a 66 year old named Win Myint. 

In a region already riddled with strife, we do not need a democratic nation overthrown by a military coup. Whether we like it or not, this will ultimately involve the US in some manner, and will likely pit the US against China as the struggling nation seeks help. 

"A shocking Affront to Australia"

Australia has been absolutely shaken by a scandalous controversy that erupted in South Africa this week:

They can't stop playing with their balls.

Cricket balls that is. Three members of Australia's National cricket team were sent home from a tournament for cheating by altering the surface of the ball with sandpaper; akin to applying mud or spit to a baseball.

I can't help but crack a smile at the absolute outrage this incident is causing down under. Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull called it, "A shocking affront to Australia" and a retired member of the cricket team stated it was, "a National day of shame."

I cannot imagine the horror of my home nation being embarrassed on the world stage like that.

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