Social Media and Politics

It's sad. It really is. 

Sometimes I wish I, or someone, could just hit the reset button and start the social media platforms over from scratch.

Today, one can't go onto social media without seeing some sort of negativity. No one wants to listen, no one wants to have a conversation. It's their way or the highway. 

It's dangerous.

It's so bad that innocent people who just want to share their thoughts and opinions are threatened for what seems like no reason. 

Conversation is what we need. When people are suppressing it by negativity and threats, we go backwards as a Nation. When we go backwards as a Nation, we continue to polarize ourselves to the point where people are dying and we can't do anything to help because we don't want to be "wrong".

And the sad part? The ones who are doing the threatening would probably agree with others, if they just listened. 

For example, earlier this year, when the Media was focused on the Parkland School shooting, all social media platforms were so toxic. Speaking of which, where has the coverage/discussion been on that?

By toxic, I mean there were two sides of the argument and no one even wanted to try and come to common ground. One side of the argument was so worried that this was going to cause them to lose their guns that they didn't even allow the folks affected to mourn the loss of their loved ones.  

This is why we still continue to lose innocent children from this world because we can't come to an agreement on some sort of regulation or something to figure out this issue. 

I don't want to ramble because this seems to be an ongoing theme with me, I just wish Social Media could get back to where it used to be. A strong, healthy place for people to discuss the issues we face as a Nation in the desperate times we find ourselves in these days. 

I miss the days when Social Media led to conversation and in person interactions. Let's get back to that America!

Come out from behind your keyboards and just be nice. It will be good for all of us. 


Blake TarmannComment