O Democracy Democracy wherefore art thou Democracy

It has been awhile. But man does it feel good to get back to politics and back to pen and paper.

While I was away, a lot happened. I hope you enjoyed it, because I know I did. I’ve taken a lot of time recently to just sit back and listen and let others tell me what’s going on through their eyes. I could sense a little bias forming in my thoughts and wanted to get away from that and focus on truly understanding again.

But, that’s all personal stuff no one cares about. Probably one of the biggest and most newsworthy events that happened while I was away was the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of The United States.

What a nightmare. Not a nightmare that Kavanaugh was confirmed, a nightmare for how it happened.

Before I continue, let me put the disclaimer out there that Sexual Assault is a serious matter and should be investigated to it’s fullest extent. I, now and always, will believe the accusers until proven otherwise. No one should have to go through what they go through and then to get in front of a crowd of people and tell your story? Courageous.

What I am here to call a nightmare is how the whole thing was handled. Embarrassing.

Where was our great Democratic Process? Where was the order and stability that makes us so strong as a Nation? Where was any of it? I had to turn the TV off and put down my paper for a second after witnessing what everyone involved went through.

It got so bad that, at the end of it, I was rooting for Kavanaugh to be confirmed just to restore order!

(For the record, Brett Kavanaugh would not have been my choice to fill the open seat)

If you didn’t catch it, Democrats in an effort to stall the confirmation voting of the then Nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court tried to pull their last available political card out at the last moment. The “political card”, which was a lady who was accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her back when they were young, was not necessary and was totally shameful. A very private, intimate story was broadcast on every single network for everyone to see. There is a difference between stopping at nothing to fight for what’s right and crossing the line towards immorality. There was a different way to handle that situation.

It was a hearing on sexual assault, not the Supreme Court.

So, what’s the point? The story of what happened was all over headlines, so anyone could have seen it. Why did I get back on Today to write about it? Let me tell you.

I will start by saying the reason the title of this piece doesn’t say, “O Democrats Democrats wherefore art thou Democrats” is because I don’t fully blame them. If I did, I would just add to the problem we face as a Country of he said, she said finger pointing.

We need to stop pointing fingers and start working as one, as a team.

The Kavanaugh approval process exposed every single weakness we have as a Country. We are divided, we are children, we are stubborn. No one wants to talk and understand. No one wants to let Democracy work. No one wants to reach across the aisle and work together for progress in this Country. Bipartisan votes and bills seem a thing of the past.

Members of the United States Senate had their chance to question the Nominee and even meet with him. I actually give Mr. Kavanaugh a lot of credit for how available he made himself.

So, where did Democracy go when those meetings were over and the hearings were adjourned? It turned into a circus of He Said, She Said unrelated, embarrassing questioning. Kavanaugh was asked such ridiculous questions that I had to laugh on multiple occasions. I am sure Brett Kavanaugh would have been happy to cooperate if it were handled in a different way.

Like I said above, nothing against Brett himself, but I was not a supporter, I think there were better candidates and better options to fill the seat. But, I am a big believer in Democracy and Order. The process is how it is because of our founders, our founders wanted competition, but competition with structure. The process works and the process brings us together, so why not let it do its job?


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