Note From The Writer

From Jake Gavin:

Before we kick off my three-part series on China, I want to first say that everything written is about the current status and administration running the country. 

China has a vast, innovative, and inspiring history and I had an absolutely amazing time during my visit there. People could not have been more hospitable or friendly to me.  I want to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible for me!  

That said, governments do not always properly represent the warmth of the people nor the rich traditions of their culture.  This is why I feel it is so important to write honestly about what I experienced and learned.  

Many people do not have a solid understanding of China as it is today, but China is a budding world power, and it is paramount that we all learn what we can about them. From human rights to political and economic ideologies, having basic knowledge about our peers throughout the world only helps to build stronger bonds, and China is no exception. 

Thank you for taking the time to read these articles and I hope to open up a lively discussion!  













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