Mailbag: Future of the Democratic Party, Military Spending, Healthcare

Adam from Little Rock, AR

The Republican Party has many young prominent members who will be leading the party for the next few years (Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, etc.). Democrats seem to lack any young leadership (only exception may be Cory Booker). Are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer the future of the democratic party for the years to come?

I think the future of the Democratic Party is very much up in the air right now. That was made pretty clear after the past Presidential election. I think Cory Booker and Joe Kennedy III out of Massachusetts will make strides for the Democratic Party, but I still think the future is uncertain. For those of you who don't know Kennedy III, he was the Representative who made a name for himself by giving the Democratic response to President Trump's first State of the Union. I agree with you that the Republican Party is in good shape because of their youth, but I don't think it really means much. The true test will be how the voters react to this Administration come Midterm Elections.

Anna from Normal, IL

Do you think that we should have the high military budget that we have? Should we keep it the same, lower it, increase it? Why do you think that and what are the implications of doing that?

The US Military budget is a double edged sword. On one hand, it serves as a major deterrent for foreign attacks against the United States or any of its allies. On the other hand, there are many public services that our Country needs to improve upon (public schools, infrastructure, healthcare, etc.) that its hard not to question why so much goes toward the military. 

I personally believe that there are ways to shrink the military budget without taking anything away from the military's ability. The military has a tendency to waste astronomical amounts of money on development projects (for example: look up the F-35...) and the way budgets are dispersed to units encourages wasteful spending. I honestly believe the massive military budget plays a significant role in the stability of the world, but I also believe that outside research needs to be done to determine better ways of managing it.

Miguel from Boston, Massachusetts  

What do you think the future of Healthcare needs to be in the USA? 

Great question, Miguel. Next week I will cover this topic in much more detail, so be sure to tune in.  I personally believe in a Universal Healthcare plan. However, I am still realistic. I don't think we as a Country are in a place right now where we could get to a system like that. Obamacare is nowhere near perfect. It's a start, but it fails so many Americans. When it was first released into the wild, many American's saw the problems first hand. Their premiums skyrocketed and they lost the choices they once had. To me, it feels like it was rushed and not properly debated like it needed to be. I don't think starting fresh is a good idea, but I think going back to the drawing board with Obamacare as the base would go far. I will cover this in more detail in my column later this week.

Blake Tarmann1 Comment