GOP Fundraising - A Concern?

I read an article in one of my favorite newspapers a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across it again today and it got me thinking. 

That newspaper by the way is Politico, and the article I read is called "House GOP fundraising woes worsen" by Elena Schneider. Go check it out if you get the chance. 

The inspiration actually also came from one of our Blake's Take readers as well who wanted to know more about why Democrats seem to be "winning". I think it's a fantastic question. 

Let me explain.

The Politico piece says 43 House Republicans raised less than their Democratic challengers in the first three months of 2018.

43...that seems small. 

For those of you who might not know, there are 435 members of The United States House of Representatives and 236 of them are currently Republican. By doing some simple math, 43 is roughly 18 percent of the current Republican members. 

While you might be thinking to yourself that 18 percent is not a lot, think about it this way. The Democrats make up 193 of the 435 total seats. If 43 Republicans lose their seats, the Democrats now hold the majority...

That's a big deal. Especially with who our current President is.

In my humble opinion, I think the fundraising woes of the GOP in the House are a sign of something big to come for the other side of the aisle. 

I use History as my source to defend this argument. 

It seems to me like some are just getting comfortable and aren't taking young, energetic challengers seriously. When people talk about the incoming "Blue Wave", it's like some just brush it off like it's a joke.

Hillary Clinton can't be used as a campaign argument forever...

It reminds me of the movie Evan Almighty when no one believed Evan Baxter when he was busy building Noah's Arc. Same concept if you've seen the movie. 

It's time to get serious.

There is only so much money the House GOP Super PACs can use to bail their co-workers out. And when this money is used to try and help current members pull out victories in these tight races, it can't be used to go out and seek new seats from the Democrats. 

This is just politics though. The same thing has happened multiple times in history, it's just one political cycle after the next. 

I worry that the GOP's legislative leg to stand on with their Tax Reform Bill isn't as strong as they once had hoped. The excitement of it seems to have died down. 

They need to continue to paint a positive picture that this Bill is everything we've ever needed as a Country, even though they recently lost their biggest advocate to retirement. This is important because it is their biggest, and some would argue their only, legislative gain since the President took office.

They also need to piggy back off of the President's recent success in the Korean Peninsula even though many of them have shown hesitation to put their stock in anything that references the Trump name.

If they are able to successfully portray the successes of the President as a Republican victory, they may get voters on the "why stop now" thought process.

And speaking of the Trump name, can you imagine the Tweets that will come if the Democrats do take back majority?

The White House would officially become a reality TV Show.


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