Economic Inequality: How Can We Close The Gap? Should We?

Economic inequality is a topic that brings about many different opinions from many different people. Some people believe that the rich are too rich, while some people believe that the poor are too poor.

This issue is deep rooted. Everyone wants to make money, everyone wants to have a leg up. We are selfish as a society, it's just how it works. 

This may just be me, but what I see popping up everywhere is a group of people in our society who find this issue to be a huge problem and want to see change. Just look at the Political Revolution that Bernie Sanders created. The whole message was, how can we all be more equal? How can we make sure everyone is taken care of? 

Is this even a good thing? 

I see the future leaders of our Country in the Political Revolution I referenced above having a say and speaking out to try and close the gap. 

But, again, I say, is that even a good thing? 

The Left wants everyone to have a chance, while the Right wants everyone to have a chance, as long as they work for and earn it.

That makes sense. That sounds like the American Dream to me. 

So, what's the issue? Why is this still a conversation that dominates a lot of political conversations? 

The issue is that when everyone is taken care of, some folks who don't need any assistance are impacted. "Handouts" have a price tag. This is where the debate starts. 

My question is, Why can't we give assistance to those who actually need it, while preventing folks who are just "lazy" from taking advantage of the system. Why is it that hard?

I believe "handouts" are a good thing as some people really do need the assistance of the government and should be given the chance to get on their feet, or back on their feet. 

But, I can also see the other side of the argument. We are getting lazy as a society, we want to do the least work for the most money. Since this is a new way of thinking and a new way of life, why would we ever give "handouts"? 

But, doesn't that make us smart? Isn't that also the American Dream? 

This is why we still debate this issue every single day. What is going to be the new standard of society in the future? This is the question that we all need to answer.

All in all, I just don't want anyone to suffer. The way we get ourselves out of poverty and away from economic inequality is by helping those who need it most by giving them the chance that our brutal world doesn't just hand to them.

I would love to see legislation that puts safeguards in place to make certain that our government assistance programs are working how they should be and not being exploited by people who just don't want to work for their living.

I'll leave you with this. If 10 people take advantage of the government, but 1 is given the chance to get out of poverty and cures cancer, i'll take it all day every day.