Privacy - What Is The New Standard?

Recently, the social media giant, Facebook has come under fire once again for their mishandling of data. This has brought the idea of privacy to the forefront.

We all know Facebook has a lot of data. We all depend on them to protect it. Our most private pictures, messages and beliefs are stored on Facebook servers.

But, that's not the point of today's post. If you're more interested in the detail on how they mishandled data, I encourage you to check your favorite news website. I'm sure they will have what you're looking for.

What I want to talk about today is the idea of privacy and what it means for politics. I want to discuss the standards we are holding our public politicians to today. 

We all suffered through the 2016 Presidential election. From Wiki Leaks to Access Hollywood, we had to sit through leak after leak of "dirt" about our two Presidential candidates being exposed.

It was brutal to say the least. It forced many voters to rethink their vote, or just not vote at all. 

The Presidential debates that are usually full of policy discussion and thoughts and ideas for reform were instead full of personal attacks and calls for candidates to concede.

The sad part is, I think it's only going to get worse in future elections. I think our elected officials will now be forced to be "perfect people". It almost seems like whatever candidate can find the most dirt out about the other and expose it will win. 

This may have been the "norm" in the past, this may just be "politics". But, this past election just felt different.

That text you sent your girlfriend 20 years ago will now be made public and you will be judged on it.

My question is: Is this something we want as a Nation? Do we want our political contests won by the people who have the least "baggage" and not the best policy ideas?

It worries me. It worries me because of our children, our youth.

I know we can get over the baggage part in modern day society, because look who we elected as our President. But, what will the future look like?

My worry is that our youth will see what privacy, or lack thereof, our public officials have these days and think the "dirt" that gets exposed in these political campaigns is just the "norm". 

If the people we elect to our highest powered positions in government have inexcusable dirt, what is going to stop our kids from thinking things like that are okay?

Or worse, what if our children try to be too "perfect" so they aren't exposed one day when they want to run for office? No one is perfect, no one should be held to that high of a standard, it's just not possible. 

I worry our youth will not want to run for office because they won't want to have to endure these trials and tribulations. I worry we will lose track of what makes our Country so great because our young brilliant minds will be discouraged from sharing their thoughts and ideas.

So, I guess my point of this article today is, what is the new standard going to be? Is the personal life and history of our candidates going to be the most important factor moving forward? Are our political debates that once were policy driven, now going to be personal attack driven? 

I hope not, but I think that's the dangerous path we're going down.

I hope this was just a Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump thing. I truly hope our politicians go back to being people in suits that we elect for their policy.



Blake TarmannComment