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Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un set up second date this February

As many of us rush to make our Valentine’s Day plans as perfect as can be (whether it’s a night on the town, or a night with Netflix), the Heads of State of the United States and North Korea have scheduled their second date, a follow up to the Singapore Summit from this past June. Officials from each nation met this week in Washington, D.C. to organize the second meeting, which hopes to quicken the process of North Korean Denuclearization. Many American voices have criticized the lack of progress made thus far, saying that little has actually happened since the two last met. A former Obama Administration Asia Expert, Daniel Russel, said that this is another example of, “North Korea being North Korea,” and that the United States is just playing into their hands again, as has happened quite a few times in the past forty years (notably during the W. Bush and Clinton Administrations).

In this meeting, we can assume that the United States will continue to push for North Korean denuclearization, while North Korea will push for a relief from the economic sanctions imposed on their country and increased protection from the American military forces present on the peninsula. It will be interesting to see if unification is brought up as a hot-ticket-item this meeting.

Australia in midst of terrifying heat wave

When thinking about things to worry about in Australia, most people imagine spiders or sharks, but in reality, it is actually the heat that is out to get you.

Australia is suffering through its second severe heat wave of its summer. In fact, this heat wave is so severe that it now owns five of Australia’s ten-hottest days on record. During this heatwave, temperatures have reached as high as 124°F, with temperature-minimums as high as 101°F at night, which is also a new record. The heatwave is causing more than just discomfort; it is causing wildfires damaging hundreds of properties, causing widespread animal deaths, leading to a spike in illnesses to humans, and even causing infrastructure to fail as roadways melt under the intense sun.

And Australia’s government officially blames it all on climate change.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology officially credits climate change as the cause of these intense heat waves, specifically noting the annually rising sea and air temperatures in its official “State of the Climate 2018” report. This past November and December were the hottest in Australia’s history, and this January is looking to keep the streak going. Hopefully things cool down for our friends down under, and even more importantly, hopefully people start making the changes we need to make as a global-society to begin preventing these calamities. How many more heat records need to be broken?

Prince Phillip Survives Car Crash

Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, miraculously avoided injuries when the Range Rover he was driving was struck by another vehicle and rolled over. The 97-year-old Queen’s Consort was struck by an unnamed 28-year-old woman driving a regular sedan near the Royal Family’s Sandringham Estate. The woman, and two others in the car, sustained minor injuries and were released from the hospital shortly thereafter.

Getting into any car accident is terrifying, but I cannot imagine what it feels like to get into an accident and then find out you just struck the longest-reigning Royal Consort in British history. Also, can you believe that the 97-year-old Prince is still driving?

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