Beyond The Supreme Court Decision

As you may or may not know, President Trump announced his United States Supreme Court Nominee last night to fill the void left by Justice Anthony Kennedy. His decision? Brett Kavanaugh.

But, this isn’t a column to rant about the decision or tell you about Mr. Kavanaugh. I’ll leave that to Fox News and CNN.

This is a column to discuss the importance of the Supreme Court and how crucial their decisions are. 

Please don’t take this as a hate piece towards the current administration or any administration for that matter, because any President can do it. It’s their job. 

What upsets me is how much damage can be done from a single decision, based on when someone retires or passes. To me, it just feels like the luck of the draw and the luck of the draw is not how democracy works, in my opinion. Whomever has power at the time a seat comes open, has a clear path of nominating an ideal (as far left or right) candidate for their party. And, I would also like to point out that a nominated justice can potentially serve for 40 plus years. 

Maybe this is what our founders intended to happen. Maybe this is how the Supreme Court is supposed to work and function. Maybe that’s just the benefit of having control of the Senate and White House. But, to me, it just feels wrong.

With President Trump’s decision on Monday evening, legislation that many have fought for over the years will now be brought up and discussed again. These conversations could result in Supreme Court Decisions being overturned.

These conversations could result in some becoming criminals…let me explain.

One of the Supreme Court decisions dominating the headlines is Roe v. Wade. This is a decision that determined the constitutionality of criminalizing laws towards abortion. With the Supreme Court nomination coming from President Trump, this decision is in jeopardy of being overturned. 

Again, the goal of this piece is not to point out specifics, but to address the big picture. I just wanted to explain myself.

In my opinion, big decisions like this need to have some merit to them and should be considered more set in stone. We can’t do something as a society for 45 years and then suddenly out of luck, and it being the correct moment in time, reverse it all out. 

What good does that do?

If a President (with Senate confirmation) has the power to nominate someone to a position for 40 plus years, that person should be a part of the decisions asked of them moving forward. If a previous decision is brought back up, an overturn should not be permitted, but simply a revisiting to determine if anything can be updated or changed for the better. 

What if the Supreme Court was divided right down the middle, not Democratic or Republican. What if they made decisions based on Morals and not based on parties? I think there is too much riding on these types of decisions these days. If you haven’t already figured out, this is a BIG deal.

What happened to the days where Supreme Court Justices made Moral decisions and no one knew which way they leaned? 

That being said, I do respect Democracy and do respect Donald Trump’s right under the Constitution to nominate a Justice and have that Justice be confirmed by the Senate. I just wish we could move forward as a society and give previous decisions some ground to stand on, instead of trying to reverse everything from history!

I fully expect the Left to fight as hard as they can to make sure the Country knows what this appointment truly means, just as I would fully expect the right to do if the situation was flipped. 


Blake TarmannComment