Announcement: The Future

First of all, Thank You! Thank You for coming along on this journey with me. 7 months ago, I bought the Blake’s Take URL and asked one of my buddies to make me a logo so I could put my thoughts to paper. I started a Twitter account so my close friends and family could keep up to date and from there, I just started writing. I never expected this small project to become what it has. Fast forward to today and Blake’s Take has expanded beyond it’s name. We have added two fantastic Editors, Jake Gavin (@JakeGavin_BT) and Joe Melisi (@JoeMelisi) who offer their thoughts and opinions from a unique perspective. We have also added a Marketing Manager, Ryan Johnson (@TheRyanLife) who does a fantastic job at handling the day to day operations of the site. Long story short, It’s not Blake’s Take anymore...

Our favorite part of this journey so far has been hearing from you. Whether through a tweet, a question on our site or a guest piece, we love your take! 

And that’s why today, we’d like to announce that we will no longer be Blake’s Take.

Introducing: Your Take Politics

A platform with the goal of featuring young, excited and up and coming political activists who want to put their thoughts to paper. We want to hear from you! If you are passionate about an issue, a news article, a piece of legislation or even one of Donald Trump’s Tweets, drop us a DM or submit your work on the site, we’d love to feature you!

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