An American Hero: John McCain

Before you do anything, Read This

An American Hero. Words that should not be taken lightly. But, when talking about John McCain, they are words that easily come out of my mouth. 

From his days in the Navy to his days on the United States Senate floor, Senator McCain has served the United States in the best possible way. 

But, it's not that he served, it's how he served. 

McCain served with honor, with pride. It was always about Country and not party. Country and not self gain. Country and not friendships. He always served with the United States as his #1 priority. 

It started with his time in the Navy where he unfortunately became a Prisoner Of War (POW) when he was forced to eject himself from his plane. It was his decision to not leave behind his fellow POW's in a time when it would have been easy to do just that that makes him a hero. In all of the pain and suffering, he put Country first. If you want the full story, read what I linked above. It's a good one. 

It continued into his time serving in public office where McCain took great pride in making sure he was making the best decisions possible for The United States and not just his party (The Republican Party). This is where John McCain was truly a Hero in my eyes. He put his party aside and cast votes for legislation that was good for America. Where is that today? 

Lastly, John McCain put friendships to the side in order to better America. Most recently, and what probably most of you remember was his decision to vote against a repeal of The Affordable Care Act. The video from the Senate floor is priceless, textbook Hero in real life. As he was being hard lobbied from The President (on the phone) and the Vice President (in person), McCain didn't waiver and did what he thought was right and voted No. Whether you like the legislation or not, the guts and class to not give into peer pressure like most of us would have is something that will be written about in History Books. 

The man was always a class act. Never personally criticizing his opponents. A man who simply pointed out the differences he had on issues with his opponents and let the American People decide. A lesson we can all learn from and an attitude we should try to emulate in politics and in our lives.

So, I'll leave it at that. RIP John McCain, you will forever be an American Hero in my eyes.


Blake TarmannComment