President Trump Set to Meet Kim Jong-Un in Finland

Headline: March 8, 2019 – OSLO (Reuters) – President Donald J. Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un to jointly Receive Nobel Peace Prize

Seems crazy, doesn’t it? 

It might not be as crazy as you think.  On March 8, 2018 Donald Trump became the first sitting President in United States’ history to accept an offer to meet with the Supreme Leader of North Korea in person. 

Trump and Kim will be meeting on neutral ground in Finland this April to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea’s military and the possibility of opening up diplomatic ties between the two nations for the first time since The Korean War began in 1950.  The topics up for discussion in which I will be paying the closest attention to will be the United States’ military presence in the region, an increase in foreign aid to North Korea, and decrease in foreign sanctions on North Korea.

While I support nothing more than the prevention of violence through diplomatic means, I am wary of the United States conceding too much to the reclusive dictator.  North Korea has a habit of agreeing to things only to absolutely refuse to do their part.  An example includes when North Korea joined the international Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1985 only to activate their first weapons’ grade nuclear reactor the next year. Another is from 1994 when the United States began sending oil and energy-producing nuclear reactors to North Korea in exchange for them ceasing all nuclear operations.  Within four years North Korea was testing multi-stage long-range rockets with the means to carry nuclear warheads. The point is there is a long list of these examples and there are legitimate doubts as to whether to not the United States can trust anything that North Korea says.  Can the United States risk lowering the number of troops in the region based on a promise?  Should the United States invest more foreign aid into the country just on good faith?  These are the things that our leadership will have to consider as the meetings take place, but for as crazy it might seem, I believe the United States might actually finally have a President in power who can ensure North Korea keeps their promise.

Donald Trump has gained himself a reputation of being unstable and nerve-wracking.  Bolstering this is the fact that he has surrounded himself with hawks.  The most recent, and potentially most significant, addition is John Bolton as National Security Advisor.  Bolton, who will be replacing revered Military Legend General H.R. McMaster, is an avid supporter for regime change in North Korea.  His presence in this role might intimidate Kim Jong-Un enough to make him toe-the-line on any agreements that are made in Finland.  The threat of regime change is finally real, and I believe that the leaders in North Korea know this, and might be willing to do what it takes to save their own tails before it’s too late.    

But until the meetings take place we can only speculate.  All I know is that the last person I expected to lead us to peace with North Korea is now in a position to do more than any President before him.  And, who knows, perhaps, as wild as it seems, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un will be sharing a stage in Oslo together in the near future.

One can only hope. 

Jake GavinComment