DACA Update

March 5th, 2018 has come and gone and that only means one thing, the DACA deadline has passed. A deal has not been struck. However, thanks to recent court rulings, the “Dreamers” will not lose all their protections, yet.

So, you might be asking yourself, what were the Court Rulings? In layman’s terms, a judge in California (San Francisco) ruled that the administration didn’t provide significant justification for ending the program.

Because of this, the DACA program will stay open temporarily and the Administration should continue to issue renewals to the Dreamers. This ruling does not apply to new applicants.

This issue will now make it’s way to the Court of Appeals where the final decision on whether or not this will stand is expected to come sometime later this year. The Supreme Court will probably get involved.

This means that DACA and immigration has potential to play a key role in the Midterm elections come November. In today’s political world, I’m not surprised that this has happened. The pointing match will now continue and nothing will get done.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme, doesn’t it? Why can’t anyone come to a compromise on anything?

This means that the Tweets will also continue.

Speaking of which, I want to leave you with a tweet.  

“It’s March 5th and the Democrats are nowhere to be found on DACA. We are ready to make a deal!” – President Donald Trump

A deal, Mr. President, requires more than a tweet. Good Luck.


Blake Tarmann