“Fake News”

After a week of ups and downs in policy, I figured it’d be a good time to take a step back and write about my thoughts on something different. “Fake News” is a topic I’ve wanted to cover for a long time now.

Where do I begin? Since President Trump announced that he was going to run for President, this has been one of the most frustrating things for me.

The President has referred to some news outlets and news articles over the last year of his Presidency as “Fake News”. He also suggests that some newspapers are failing, and therefore shouldn’t be trusted. I won’t go into the details.

Don’t get me wrong, I do know there is truly “Fake” news and propaganda out there and those articles and news outlets should be called out for their incorrect or biased reporting. However, I believe the President has taken his comments a bit too far.

Why this is so dangerous, in my opinion, is because it takes the credibility away from some reporting. It makes some people look at these credible news outlets and automatically assume anything they write or produce is untrue.

This is dangerous because it allows the President, our leader, to pick and choose his media outlets.  For example, if there was something in the news he didn’t like, he could now simply refer to that news outlet or article as “fake news”, and people would start to take a second look.

No one should have to take a second look. No one should have to second-guess what they are reading or watching.  

We, as a Country, would not exist without news outlets serving as checks and balances to our Government. This is a crucial part of our Freedom; this is the Freedom of the Press.



Blake Tarmann