Why Primaries Are Important

On Tuesday, I voted in the Primaries. My ballot was pretty poor, most seats were either not contested or no one was running. But, my vote still mattered. Let me explain.

For those of you who don’t know, Primaries are for parties to pick their candidate for the Midterm or General Elections.

This is a way for many candidates from one particular party to run for a seat in office. This is a chance for choice. I think, as a Nation, we love, prefer, and need choice in everything we do.

But, the real question is, why do they matter? Why does choice matter in this situation? For Pete’s sake, most contests aren’t determined at the primaries.

Primaries matter because they allow members of a particular party the chance to get to know a wide variety of candidates to decide who they want to nominate.

If there were just one candidate running for the particular seat, we wouldn’t know their strengths and weaknesses because they wouldn’t have to run against anyone.

This is particularly important in districts that tend to always vote for one party. If that district had no choice, they would be forced into electing someone that they may not want in office.

It’s important to have someone in office that has your interests in mind. This is important because the person you are electing is going to represent you in whatever level of government they are running for. They have a say in the laws and regulations that determine how you live your life.

Unfortunately, many decide not to have their voice heard during this process. I don’t know why someone wouldn’t want to have a say and be able to listen to the thoughts and ideas of multiple candidates, instead of just the one who gets elected. The candidate who gets elected will be a part of the party you usually vote for, but they may not be the best possible option for you.

In my opinion, most voters don’t really care about the choices in primaries because no one is actually elected. Voters just want to cast their ballot for their particular party when the parties face off against each other in the Midterm or General Elections.

Because of this, contests in primaries can come down to a few hundred of votes. This means that anyone has a chance to win. If anyone has a chance to win, why not listen to all of the options to determine the best possible candidate for you?

This is why every vote is important. This is why my vote on Tuesday mattered.



Blake TarmannComment