Mailbag: Motivated, Energized, Ready to Fight

Do you think this Administration has changed the way many Americans view the FBI?

Trust is a huge thing. Think about it this way, when you were first lied to, did you immediately go back to believing everything that person said to you? Probably not. But, you eventually made amends. I think about this situation the same way. While most Americans listen to this Administrations comments on the FBI from the Russian Investigation and probably have lost their trust, eventually they will come back around. The FBI will eventually return to the reputation it has always had. This Administration hasn’t helped, however.


Democrats winning in Red Districts: Do you think it’s being driven by discontent Trump Supporters or an energized Democratic base?

A person in this country has to be excited and motivated to take the time out of their day to go to their polling place to cast a ballot. It takes effort. I don’t think the Trump supporters are in a place right now to make that effort. They have their candidate and their party in the highest office. What else do they need? I think Democrats are securing victories because their turnout is just simply greater. They are motivated, energized and ready to fight. This is how politics work.


What do you think of the Political Party System? Do you think it works? Would you like to see more parties come to power?

If you asked me this question prior to the 2016 Presidential Election, I would have said the two party system was perfect. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken. After sitting through this election, my answer is the same. I think the current “third party”, or Independent Party, plays the role that it needs to. It should never become more than what it is today. Too many choices can create indecisiveness. Having two dominant parties allows for structure that keeps our government stable. If a dominant party can’t get the votes to hold the seats they need to control the government and keep it stable, compromise with smaller, more radical parties will have to happen. This is when legislation that doesn’t have a place will find it’s way into our law.

Some say a third party will shake up the political stalemate we are currently witnessing. Good luck with that.



Blake TarmannComment