Presidential Turnover

This is quite the interesting topic, and to be completely honest I’m not surprised that I am writing it.

Over the past year, or however long President Trump has been in office, the turnover in the White House has been absolutely incredible. And by incredible, I mean horrible.

The most powerful boss in the world can’t seem to keep his employees, well, employed.

The man who made himself famous through a TV show best known for firing people seems to have not changed.

President Trump has “fired” multiple PR employees, a Chief of Staff, and, most recently, this week, parted ways with his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Early reports indicated that there was no reason for Tillerson being let go.

However, so far, most of the departures aren’t due to firings. Or at least they aren’t being called firings.

Since the start of his Presidency, there have been multiple reports coming out of the White House that the environment is toxic. So toxic that people who have waited their entire lives for a chance to work in the White House are leaving early because they can’t stand it.

It has been described as chaos.

You’d think employees who have worked their entire lives just to have a chance at the White House would stay through thick and thin for the resume booster. But, that’s just not the case.

So, what does this mean? Why is the atmosphere toxic and why are people leaving and being let go?

To me, it’s starting to feel like The President is getting into his groove. He’s setting the tone for his administration and anyone who gets in the way won’t last. Maybe this means we will see staff that has the Nationalist beliefs that Trump ran for President on.

It really is hard to get work done and make decisions when the people who are doing the grunt of the work aren’t around for very long.

For the sake of the Nation, both domestically and abroad, I really do hope he gets it figured out.

And who knows, maybe this means things will get done. Maybe this means we will get a consistent message that lasts longer than 24 hours coming out of the White House.

I Hope!


Blake TarmannComment