The Stock Market – Politics?

Quick post this evening before things change…

The Stock Market. Yes, this is not your typical political conversation. But in today’s world, it’s relevant.

At market close this evening, the stock market was weak, again. In fact, the markets have fallen consistently for the last couple of days, with one of the worst performances in years last Friday.


This is awkward for a President who has given speeches taking credit for the recent surge in the stock market and the booming economy. He now has some questions to answer.

Presidents in the past have avoided talking about the stock market for this reason. It fluctuates.

I’m no financial expert and I don’t spend thousands of dollars a year investing in the stock market so I have no opinions on that aspect of things. But, it seems to me that the boasting from Trump about the booming economy referencing the stock market has finally caught up to him.

There has to be some reason for this and I will be anxiously awaiting the response from The White House.

More to come…


Blake Tarmann