President Trump’s First State of the Union Address

On the evening of Tuesday, January 30th, President Donald Trump in his bright blue tie took to the podium of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. to address a joint session of Congress and the American People on the status of the Nation.

The speech lasted just a little over an hour and twenty minutes and was full of emotion.

This was his first opportunity to extend an arm across the aisle in a hurting government to try and give the American people hope for the future.

President Trump used the opportunity to discuss many issues including: the Tax Cut Bill, Veteran Affairs, and Infrastructure funding. He even took a stab at the NFL for their protesting by kneeling for the National Anthem.

To start the speech, like all State of The Union Addresses do, The President dedicated plenty of time to the progress that his administration has made so far.

The main highlight of this part of the speech was Trump highlighting how strong the economy is and how his regulations, or lack there of, have boosted the economy to new heights.

More specifically, he took credit for decreasing the unemployment rate to a 45-year low, the booming stock market, and the increasing number of jobs that companies all across the nation are creating.

In Fact, Trump highlighted a few specific instances where companies are already taking extra measures to reinvest in America.

Mixed throughout this part of the speech were references to small companies that are “booming”. Trump even pointed to the crowd to reference a small company from Ohio that has seen their best year in 20 years because of the progress of the administration.

Following his comments on the Economy, President Trump shifted to Veteran Affairs. He took credit for removing hundreds of employees who did more harm than good for veterans.

Along with taking credit for the booming economy and veteran affairs, Trump also talked about his administration’s ability to take down “very close to 100 percent” of the Islamic State from Iraq and Syria.

Along with this, he included a harsh message to North Korea and more specifically Kim Jong-un as a leader who brutalizes his own people.

This led to a discussion on terrorism and immigration.

Trump emphasized the importance of security and regulations to prevent any future attacks. He pointed towards out of date immigration laws that have lead to terrorist attacks in New York over the past couple of months.

Laying out his four-tiered proposal to the immigration issues at hand, Trump diverted his attention to his right side (left side of the aisle). His intention here was to make sure the Democrats heard the first tier of his immigration plan that would give 1.8 million undocumented immigrants (Dreamers) a path to citizenship. This, however, would come at a price as outlined in the remaining three tiers of his proposal.

This was a major part to his speech where he doubled down and stuck to his plan to accept nothing less than this plan of compromise.

Another major policy issue that was stressed in the speech was infrastructure. Trump called on Congress to work on legislation that would put trillions of dollars into rebuilding our infrastructure as a Nation. This was an issue that was supported from both sides of the aisle.

The issue will now be how to pay for it.

Throughout the speech, the President mixed in stories of Americans that highlighted: a welder benefiting from the tax cuts; a California firefighter that saved countless children from a summer camp trapped from the forest fires; parents of children killed by gang members.

The President addressed these stories as “faith and family, not government and bureaucracy.” He received loud applause in the chamber for this remark.

This speech will play a huge roll in debates and discussions in the upcoming weeks leading into the election season.

Now, the real work begins.


Blake Tarmann