“America First” – President Trump’s Economic Forum Speech

While the United States government struggled late last week to reach agreement on some of the biggest issues we as a Country face, President Trump was on his way to Switzerland.

He was headed for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This is a meeting of the economic elite. A meeting that also hasn’t been attended by a U.S. President since Bill Clinton was in office.

President Trump brought the “America First” mentality to the meetings in Switzerland that worried a lot of the World’s leaders.

The President was focused on painting the picture that America was the leader and everyone else needed to follow. His questions were not, “How can we help you” but “What are you going to do to help the United States?”

With this type of message, it only makes sense that the general consensus was that the President of the most powerful Nation was going to come through and cause more problems.

But, that wasn’t completely the case. As the President held meetings with leaders and delivered his highly anticipated speech on American Economics, the opinion shifted.

Some leaders started to see the President’s most extreme and bizarre stances on Economic issues as a way to bargain. It’s just how things are getting done.

Trump delivered a speech that was reassuring for many and a lot of the same for everyone else.

Throughout the speech, Trump was quick to take credit for the “booming” United States Economy. He credited regulations he slashed and policies he put back into place as the pieces that helped rebuild what had previously been weak.

Whether this is the truth and he is actually the one to thank for the recent strong economy is a different story. But, that’s beside the point.

More specifically, he highlighted the $1.5 Trillion dollar Tax Cut Bill that was just passed into law. He received praise from many for the efforts that were made on the Bill.

The idea was that the huge Tax Bill was America’s economic way forward. This is what everyone wanted to hear.

Although some are still worried about Trump’s policies and rhetoric, most attendees of the speech left eager to begin working for the betterment of the economic world.

Only time will tell how Trump’s message to the rest of the world is going to stick. We won’t truly ever know if leaders will get behind President Trump and the “America First” tagline that has become so common.

But, there is something to say about this appearance from Trump and what he was able to accomplish.

No matter what comes from these meetings and the speech he delivered, good or bad, this will go down in history.


Blake Tarmann