Trump’s Proposal

After making comments on Wednesday in regards to the Dreamers and DACA, there were a lot of people hopeful that this was the turning point that we were all looking for.

But, to no ones surprise, these comments came with just a bit of a price.

President Trump announced today that he was willing to offer Dreamers a path to citizenship over a 10-12 year period as long as they continued to work and stay out of trouble.

In exchange, Democrats would need to make some concessions on immigration issues that some far right conservatives have been pushing for.

If the deal was struck there would be: an end to family-based migration polices, an estimated $25 billion trust fund opened for a wall on the southern border, and a massive crackdown on other immigrants living in the country illegally.

What a price to pay.

When the plan was announced, it almost seemed like the President was giving his opinion in a take it or leave it fashion. It was almost like he wanted to back Democrats in a corner and force them to make tough decisions on the fate of immigration.

He even described the plan as “extremely generous”, most certainly hinting that he intended to stay strong with his opinions in the debates ahead.

To no ones surprise, Democrats immediately dismissed this plan as a feasible solution.

The plan feels like Trump wants to give Democrats what they want now, to shut down the majority of immigration in the future. And to make matters worse, the southern border would be completely closed up with a wall that would paint an unfavorable picture to the rest of the world.

So, all hopes of progress from the comments the President made on Wednesday seem to be out the door.

It almost feels like one of those arguments your parents make with you as a kid. The Democrats can have one thing, but only if they are willing to give up three other things in exchange.

But, I guess you can say, a debate has to start somewhere and at least now we know where the President stands on all of the issues at hand.

He has given us an idea of what sort of Bill he wants to see come to his desk to sign.

This is a good indication of how this all will play out over the next couple of weeks leading up to Feb 8th and the end of current spending Bill.



Blake Tarmann