(Sorry for no post yesterday…getting wisdom teeth taken out is the absolute worst thing ever.)

I wanted to start by giving you a quick update on what’s going on in Washington in regards to immigration.

On Tuesday morning, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer from New York essentially took back his original offer to President Trump. The progress that was made was basically thrown out the window.

Schumer was willing to give President Trump what he wanted and completely fund the “Fantastic Wall” that he promised. In exchange, Schumer and the Senate Democrats would get the protections for DACA and the “Dreamers” that they have been searching for the whole time.

But, DACA is not what I want to focus on today. That’s all that we have been talking about the past few days and I think we are all sick of it.

Today, I want to talk about the wall. Because the wall is back in the spotlight and relevant, I think it’s time to discuss.

If constructed, this wall will shield the United States from our Southern Neighbors.

The wall I am talking about is the one President Trump kicked off his Presidential campaign talking about, or at least the idea of it.

In discussing the wall, President Trump painted the picture that if it was built we as a Country would be stronger and more secure, with stiff border security.

He put into the minds of the American people that horrible people were making their way into our Country because we didn’t have a wall.

He said that if anyone could build a wall, it would be him.

What a bold couple of statements. What a big promise to make.

The problem? This was such a big promise from his campaign that so many voters cast their ballots for. The idea of this wall brought exuberant crowds to his campaign stops across the nation. One could make the argument that it played a key role in getting him elected.

So, will it happen? Will President Trump keep his promise and put up this rumored 30-foot tall wall along the border? Probably not. For years it’s been talked about and for years no one in Washington has been able to agree upon enough funding to make it happen.

But wait, Mexico is going to pay for it, right?

All jokes aside, let’s talk like a deal is struck and the Wall does get built. What will this mean for the United States?

To me, it will only hurt. It’s basically telling the rest of the world that the United States just wants to shut everyone else out.

To me that does no good.

Instead of closing the rest of the world out by building walls, lets discuss and debate a clean and safe immigration plan to tear walls down. The more we continue to ban different groups of people, the more the rest of the world will hate us.

And, who knows, if walls are torn down and immigration is fixed, the next immigrant could cure cancer.

I think we all can get on board for that, even Mr. Trump himself.



Blake Tarmann