The Government Shutdown Day 2 – The Big Picture

It has now been over 34 hours since the United States Senate was not able to agree on a fix to fund the government. The pointing match continues yet another day.

What does this mean? Who does this impact? Who cares?

When the sun comes up on Monday, there will be hundreds of thousands of people that will receive no payment or no support from their government for the work they do. The Military will not be taken care of. People will suffer.

And, all we hear, as American Citizens, is our elected officials blaming each other for the issues that should be easy to solve.

No solutions, no discussions, no dialogue.

So, who is at fault? Who should these people take to the streets to protest against?

Would I sound like a scapegoat if I said all elected officials?

I truly believe that this government shutdown is not a #Trumpshutdown or a #Schumershutdown. It’s simply a government shutdown. Our government doesn’t have the power right now to sit down in a room with each other and talk through issues that our Nation faces to come to compromise.

The polarity in our government today is so destructive that people are starting to suffer.

Our elected officials would rather sit on their hands and fight like children to protect their party than discuss bipartisan fixes to pressing issues of the American people.

Open your ears! That’s all it takes. Open your ears and listen to what others have to say. Don’t sit there and point fingers and blame others for this shutdown because what good does that do?

Plus, if ears were opened and both sides did begin to listen to what each other is saying, they would realize that there are a lot more similarities in their beliefs than differences.

The best legislation comes when representatives from both sides of the aisle sit down and hash through the issue. This is how strong, successful legislation is passed into law.

When both sides have opinions and those opinions make it into legislation, the American people succeed and the government WORKS.

As elected officials, it is there job to compromise. It is their job to bring the opinions of the American people from their states to Washington D.C. to put together legislation that works for all of America and not just one political party.

That’s what they’re supposed to do…


Blake Tarmann