The Government Shutdown

Upon waking up on Friday morning to make my cup of coffee and read my paper, I had no idea what was to come that night. Pulling up my New York Times app to read their Morning Briefing, I was met with headline upon headline about a “Government Shutdown”. I thought to myself, “no way this can happen, no way the Senate allows a complete government shutdown”. And yet I still thought, in the current political situation, anything is possible.

As the day went on, I started to monitor a news media that put aside all other stories to talk about a “Government Shutdown”.

Like most normal people, I immediately turned to my “leader”, The President of the United States, for answers. What is going on? What does this mean? How will it impact me?

In my search for those answers, what did I get? A clear explanation of what was going on and what was being done to fix this and keep peace? No. In fact, I found nothing. There was nothing from my “leader” at that point that could put my worries to rest. My “leader”, instead, decided to point fingers.

This is not the time for that.

I tuned my TV to the news and was immediately met with a picture of the United States Senate floor. Okay, this is progress, I thought. This is Democracy at work and these elected officials will pull their heads together to find a solution.

No worries.

To make things better, the news was shifting their focus to covering a breaking story on a meeting between the United States Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer and my “leader”, Donald J. Trump.

I figured this was it; this was the time that they were going to “Make a Deal” as President Trump likes to call it. I figured this was the time my “leader” was going to lead and talk our Nation through this tough time and keep the Government open and the world spinning.


We got nothing. Another dead end and the story now shifted from how can we prevent this shutdown, to how can we make sure all hell doesn’t break loose when this thing does shut down.

As the time slowly ticked to 12:00pm EST, I continued to watch the Senate Floor and the negotiations that were taking place. I was witnessing something that hadn’t happened in the past 5 years. I was witnessing history. Our United States Senators were not able to reach an agreement.

The Senate needed 60 votes to avoid shut down, they got 50.

The government officially shut down.


The situation that took place last night was ironic in so many ways. In the late night hours in Washington D.C. when lawmakers were trying to make a deal, the most controversial President to ever be elected was nowhere to be seen.

When the Nation needed him most, my “leader”, our President didn’t want to show his face and comfort all of us with some sort of leadership.

Instead, he decided to close his eyes and put all of the worries of the Nation to rest.

I watched as the news showed the lights in the White House turn off, certainly indicating the White House was done for the night. The best part? With the clock striking Midnight, my “leader” had officially been in office for 1 year. What a way to celebrate!

I take all of this with a grain of salt. I know that lawmakers will probably strike a deal within the next couple of days and this will all be history. I know this will not have much of an impact.

But, to me, it’s still a big deal.


Blake Tarmann